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1. Download the book edition of onlineclerks for pilot run for 15 days.
2 .After probation, register and become our member.
3. Contact with our online sales and remit the payment to the appointed accounts.
4. After our confirmation for the payment, log on and get the register password.
5. Use the register password to register the Chat system. Then you can use it for ever and upgrade it for free.
Note: when registering,The Chat system would be bound to one domain name. And only one domain name can be used. The onlineclerks also can be used on the class II domain. For example, “” is bound, the Onlineclerks also can be functioned on the “”.

Bank  Name:   广东省广州市花地大道支行
Account  Name:  叶成杰
Account  Number:   6222003602101745002

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