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       Onlineclerks Introduction
Designed and developed by our company, onlineclerks is the chatting tool which is similar with TENGXUN QQ (very popular chatting tool in China). After installing, the floating dialog box of the onlineclerks would be showed on your website. No other software is needed to be installed and you can talk with your website visitors either one-to-one or one-to-many by sending messages. At the same time, the visiting track of every visitor would be recorded. The online sales can send out the greeting messages and invite them for a conversation actively. You can add or delete the members of the online sales discretionarily.
       Key Features
Initiative: united completely with the statistical system, it can make you be aware of who is on your website, which page did the visitors visited, what kind of information are the visitors interested in and etc. The online sales can invite the visitors for conversation immediately and to seize the chance for further business relationship.
In time: the messages can be received immediately by the other side after being sent out. It would be clewed by sound.
Facility: no other software is needed to be installed and the online sales can talk with the visitors by sending messages, which is very convenient and simple.
Mutuality: both visitors and online sales can check and send out messages.
Multifunction; if the sales are not on line, visitors can leave a message, which insure the visitors and sales can contact each other all the time. The sales can check the message after get on the line.
Multilanguage: the dialog box has two versions: Simplified Chinese and English. The users can choose the language for the dialog box
Facial Expression function: support picture facial expression function. The letterĄ¯s style (such as size, form, color and etc.) can also be edited.
Internal dialogue: apart from that the sales and visitors can have a conversation, the sales themselves can also have one within themselves.
Detailed record: the searching key word, IP track, the entrance website page, the latest visiting page, the visiting website track and etc are recorded in detail.
Unlimited online sales: the managing person can add or delete the member of online sales arbitrarily. The numbers of the online sales are unlimited. Neither the visitorĄ¯s amount.
Document Sending: the website visitors and sales can send out the documents to each other.
       Purchasing Processes
1. Download the book edition of onlineclerks for pilot run for 15 days.
2. After probation, register and become our member.
3. Contact with our online sales and remit the payment to the appointed accounts.
4. After our confirmation for the payment, log on and get the register password.
5. Use the registering password to register the onlineclerks. Then you can use it for ever and upgrade it for free.

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